Abdominal surgery Solve sagging problems

Flabby abdomen, stretch marks, not firm, causing loss of confidence in revealing the body. When the elasticity of the skin is destroyed However, exercise still does not help recovery.

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Abdominal surgery (Abdominoplasty) to remove excess skin and belly fat to help tighten the figure. Reduce the area of ​​the abdomen from stretch marks Solve the problem of sagging belly Especially those who have a very sagging lower abdomen. But there is not much fat accumulation. Belly fat cutting is the right way.

Abdominoplasty is not suitable for those who want to lose weight. and cannot replace exercise This should be the last step after losing weight and exercising.

Who is Abdominoplasty suitable for?

– Flabby belly skin from pregnancy

– Flabby abdominal skin from rapid weight loss

– Flabby abdominal skin from a large amount of abdominal liposuction

There are 4 types of abdominal skin surgery. The surgeon will assess the degree of sagging of the patient’s abdomen. and choose the most suitable surgical method The surgical incisions are designed to be hidden along the edge of each patient’s panties. So no worries about the clarity of the scars.

1. Mini Abdominoplasty

It is surgery on the lower abdomen. without moving the navel By dissecting only the level of fat Suitable for people with less skin and fat that needs to be eliminated. Not much slack No need to redecorate. The surgical incision is small, only about 1 creep.

2. Abdominoplasty

is surgery to open the abdomen along the line above the pubis deep to the muscle layer to suture the muscles if necessary including moving the navel as well Because the skin will be promoted a lot. Suitable for those whose abdomen is very sagging.

3. Extended Abdominoplasty

is surgery to open the abdomen to the side of the body The navel has been relocated. and may sew to tighten the muscles as well Suitable for those whose abdomen is sagging, eating a wide area to the sides of the body.

4. Belt Lipectomy

is surgery around the body The navel has been relocated. and may sew to tighten the muscles as well Suitable for people with severe laxity. Eat the area around the body

Procedure Process

– Duration of surgery 1-5 hours (depending on the method of surgery)

– Anesthesia or general anesthesia

– 1-5 nights at the hospital (depending on the method of surgery)

– Recovery period, able to return to normal life 2-3 weeks after surgery

– Swelling subsides within 10-14 days, bruises disappear within 1 month, shape is in place within 3 months.

– Follow-up 1 week (stitch removal) / 2 weeks / 1 month / 3 months / 6 months

Frequently Asked Questions about Abdominoplasty

Abdominal surgery Will the scars be clearly visible?

– The scar will fade in 3-6 months, the doctor will hide the wound along the edge of the panties. make it difficult to notice

Abdominal surgery Helps to fix the problem of stretch marks as well?

– help some by cutting off that part of the skin But depending on the location of the stretch marks, for example, if the stretch marks on the lower abdomen can be cut off

If you are pregnant after abdominal surgery Will there be a problem?

– There’s definitely a problem. Because pregnancy can tear the abdominal wall that has been sewn in.

If there is weight loss after abdominal surgery The abdomen is not firm. Can I come back for surgery again?

– This is rarely the case. This is because the abdominal skin will rarely return to sag after surgery. Even if the weight is reduced again

Can I wear a bikini without seeing scars?

– Most will not see the wound Because the doctor will design the incision with regard to the bikini marks in the first place.

During abdominal surgery with abdominal liposuction Which one gives better results?

– This is a solution for each point. incomparable Abdominoplasty is a correction of sagging. Liposuction is the correction of the amount and thickness of fat. But can do both together.

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