Bath Pillows for Tub: Why You Need One

Coming home to a warm and relaxing bath can cure even the most severe Monday blues or Sunday scaries. Whether you prefer to include epsom salts over bath bombs during your relaxation moment, one thing is certain – you want to be as comfortable as possible. Most people can agree that nothing is worse than taking the time to draw a bath and not being able to enjoy it fully. It’s frustrating when you put your effort into something and then it doesn’t work out. And let’s face it – even the fanciest of bath tubs don’t cater to the natural composition of the human body, so you’ll need to make a necessary investment in bath pillows for tub if you really want to improve your comfort during your coveted bath time.

No more neck pain

A common reason that many people choose to take baths is to help alleviate any musculoskeletal or other chronic pain they may have. Epsom salt baths are especially good for athletes who may have consistently sore muscles. Unfortunately, bathing more often can lead to some unexpected and unwanted side effects. These include things like the onset of neck or back pain and spasms. It can be frustrating to trade in one ailment for another, but you can lower your risk for neck and back pain by purchasing bath pillows for tub. Be sure to choose a bath pillow that is soft like a traditional pillow so that you can reach an optimal level of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Extended time in bath

If the uncomfort you experience from an unforgiving ceramic tub is cutting down on your me time, a bath pillow is absolutely worth a try. Some can be purchased for under $30, so it’s worth the investment if you’re not able to relax during your bath. Not only will you enjoy your extended alone time, but your body may even thank you for it. Studies have found that baths can provide positive physical and mental benefits for many people. One study even suggested that bathing can improve heart health.

Adds luxurious look to your bathroom

If your bathroom is in a dire need of a facelift, one easy way to spruce things up is to add a bath pillow to your tub. This will convey a luxurious atmosphere to your once humble abode that will leave your houseguests envious of your lifestyle. For many, taking time for themselves seems out of their realm of possibility. However, you can also be an inspiration to your guests by breaking the stigma that relaxation is only for the rich. If you’re going for a certain look in your bathroom, consider buying a bath pillow in a color that matches the general scheme of your bathroom.

Easy to store

Not interested in keeping your bath pillow on display? That’s totally fine. It’s not for everyone. Thankfully, many bath pillows on the market are designed with storage in mind. Be sure to choose a bath pillow that is made of a breathable material that will help it to dry quickly. Some pillows even have a built-in hanger that can be used to speed up the drying process. Because so many bath pillows are small, they can easily fit in your linen closet or underneath your bathroom sink for easy bath time access.

Great gift

Not sure what to get your bestie for their birthday, graduation, engagement, etc.? Then you should absolutely consider purchasing them a bath pillow. They are the perfect gifts for any young adult who just achieved a life milestone like an engagement or graduation. Wedding planning is stressful, a new job can bring on tons of new stress, and a bath pillow can help them take time for themselves and unwind comfortably in the bath. To go the extra mile, consider pairing a bath towel with an essential oil diffuser, bath bombs and soft towels for the recipient to indulge in.

Simple to wash

If you’ve made it this far down the list and you’re still not convinced on why you need a bath pillow, this just might seal the deal. Contrary to popular belief, bath pillows that are used and stored properly will not grow mold or mildew. Choosing the right pillow is key and proper usage is beneficial, but it’s still relatively easy to keep bath pillows as good as new. Many on the market are machine washable and made of breathable fabrics. If you’re worried about the bath pillow making it difficult for you to clean your tub, have no fear! Depending on the kind of bathtub pillow you purchase, it will use suction cups to install and de-install from your bathtub. Just a firm tug will take it off your tub, allowing for you to get a full cleaning done.

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