BBQs 2U – Blackstone Griddle To Maximize Outdoor Cooking Experience

Grilling is always enjoyed in summer, but to enjoy a complete meal cooking in the backyard or morning breakfast outdoors then invest in a griddle. BQs 2u offers the best brand griddles. Blackstone is an established brand selling griddles since 1985.

Generally, BBQs 2U is a small family store in Abersoch, Pwllheli, UK selling top grill and oven brands including Napoleon, Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt, and Ooni. Grilling never goes out of trend but to expand the menu of outdoor dishes, griddle investment is a logical step.

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Blackstone 36” gas grill with flat top surface opens endless grilling possibilities. It offers a broad cooking space suitable for preparing everything that ranges from making English muffins to scrambled eggs. The griddle surface is made from rolled carbon seven-gauged steel and has 4 burners that can be controlled separately. Chefs can move different foods across separately heated areas to contain various cooking stages. They can even light a single side for making a few eggs and a quick steak.

BS 36” or 28” griddles are for those who are new to grilling or for people hosting regular parties in their backyards. Cooking on grates can make first times watch a burger crumble as they try to flip or lose several asparagus spears to flames. However, with BS griddles the cooking experience is fool-proof, so buyers have appreciated these nifty units.

The Blackstone 36” griddle has a coating of black-powdered steel and is capable to handle humidity and harsh weather. The legs are foldable and have heavy-duty rolling casters. The griddle is edged with cantilevered shelves on both sides. The frame has an extra lower shelf just below the cooking surface for storing tools, utensils, or cooked dishes.

The shelves on both sides are convenient to keep the serving dishes and dirty plates separate. The Blackstone 36” griddle has burners made from stainless steel. The unit has a quick ignition system, which fires up with a single push of the button. The 4 burners have a separate control knob with settings that range from low – high. Several meals can be cooked side by side or keep cooked food warm.

The 720 sq. inches cooking surface has sufficient space to cook 25 hamburger patties and serve a group of 20 guests. Because the burners can be controlled individually, users can scale the cooking for small families or couples. It is this versatile feature that has made Blackstone 36” Gas Griddle an appealing option.

The Grease management system has been upgraded and is now situated at the rear side. While preparing greasy food items the run-off creates a mess at the griddle’s leg but the upgrade is claimed to resolve the issue.

Blackstone has recommended seasoning the cooking surface because it is made from cast iron. Add a thin cooking oil layer and turn the burner to medium. Oil will heat, slowly rub away the grease and allow the surface to cool. Repeat this process 5 times and it is well-seasoned.

The griddle surface is easy to clean as it can be removed but BQs 2u has great Blackstone accessories intended to clean it.

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