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Creative Ways to Market Your Business

Advertising your business is always a great way to get attention from potential customers, but what if you want to attract even more business? There are many creative ways to promote your business. You can paint a large mural on a building to make your business stand out, but this method is best done with the permission of the building owner. Tattooing your company name on the walls will also keep your brand in front of your target audience’s mind. Another creative marketing idea is to plan a publicity stunt to get people involved. Redbull once employed Felix Baumgartner to complete the world’s highest skydive, and he broke the record with a jump of 128,000 feet.

A good place to start is LinkedIn, where you can find a network of people with whom you can interact. But you can also look for opportunities closer to home. Joining trade shows, conferences, and local business organizations can help you network with other business owners. Use social media to create alliances with businesses that compliment yours. Tag each other in posts or post photos on Facebook to boost each other’s brands. These are all excellent free marketing strategies for your company.

Check out the infographic below to see whicih social media platform you should be using based on your audience and goals!

Infographic created by Clover, a POS system company

Final Touch

There are several free ways to get your business out there. You can get your business featured in the media, but it is important to make sure that your marketing materials stand out. One of the best ways to attract attention is by launching a publicity stunt. For instance, Richard Branson once dressed as a female flight attendant on his airline. Others may use creative methods to promote their companies. For example, some innovative hairdressers offer free haircuts to homeless people, while others may donate their products to charity events. Some might even host contests and nominate themselves in different categories. You can also win business awards, which will make your business more visible to your potential customers. Everything you will need to know about what does spread mean in forex.

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