How is CBD Oil good for your skin? Why has it become a popular ingredient in global skincare?

As you know, the trend of using CBD Oil or medicinal cannabis oil has been exciting in our country for a while now. Until now, it has become more open to being an ingredient in food and beverages, but, in foreign countries, he is interested. And study far beyond our home Plus, it doesn’t stop at just the treatment of disease. But to the beauty industry. All industry products will be found in the CBD shop.

When the beauty industry Turned to study results with skin, it found that it has many benefits for the skin because CBD Oil contains fatty acids, vitamins A, D, and E, and antioxidants. Helps reduce stress and reduce redness and inflammation of the skin. A report from CNBC states that Cosmetics containing cannabis (Cannabis beauty) are becoming a prevalent trend. To the point that Wall Street analysts have categorized the cosmetics into one specific category.

Charlotte Ferguson, Anti-Aging Physician and founder of cosmetic brand Disciple, one of the cosmetics brands that have picked up CBD for its skincare, says the best formulation for skin is “oil” because it is purer than the form. In addition to this brand, many other big brands are expected to develop a skincare line containing CBD extracts, such as Estee Lauder, elf, and Ultra Beauty.

And in addition to the big brands mentioned above, the famous Multiband Cosmetic store started bringing cosmetics. And CBD-infused skincare products are already on sale at Sephora and Barney, and US market analysts say the trend won’t be temporary. Because there is still a tendency to grow continuously from the valuation of the CBD market, it was found to be worth as high as 50 billion US dollars. And will increase to $100 billion in the future.

As for our home, we try to keep an eye on it if there is nothing wrong with it; I believe that you will start to see some at the end of this year.

Growth in the food and beverage industry where hemp-derived CBD and plant-based ingredients.

Each year CBD shop continues to study the growth and feasibility of the cannabis business, especially in the food industry like protein alternatives. This section covers plant-based meats, seafood, eggs, and cow’s milk, and the latest innovations are lab-grown meats and fermented foods from studies over the past three or four years. Especially in 2021, we will see growth in the alternative protein industry. And it is seen that people worldwide have entered the race for innovation leadership and more sustainable food sources. And perhaps the most critical era of the global food industry. The conservation of plants and animals in various species to maintain biodiversity in both the ocean and the rainforest and reduce air and water pollution has a significant effect in the fight against climate change.

You see the advantages and benefits of cannabis as a key ingredient and essential to growth in the plant protein market. Due to the many benefits of cannabis, both nutritionally and environmentally, ESG plays a role in Thailand as a leader in the CBD shop. Hemp products and many industries, including food, fiber, and cannabinoids. The research and development team has studied meat substitute products. Dairy products, beverages, and snacks as part of the marketing plan Because it enables vertical integration and covers every step. The company, therefore, has an advantage because it can bring buyers into the most competitive market that will arise when Thailand enacts the relevant laws. All companies must follow the law.

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