Revealing How to Check Dragon Tiger Bridge Accurately, High Hit Rate

How to look at Dragon Tiger Bridge is a set of tips to help many bettors at the Nhà cái 789BETs earn a handsome income. Do you want to be the undefeated bettor in every game room? Let’s explore some ways to play hundreds of matches right below.

Overview of Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger, whose English name is Dragon & Tiger, is a famous card game from the land of the Golden Temple – Cambodia. A full set of equipment on the betting table includes: 5 – 6 decks of 52 cards and 2 cards respectively: Dragon and Tiger.

Before learning how to look at the Dragon Tiger bridge, gamblers first need to understand the basic rules. Specifically, the Dealer deals 2 cards with 1 face-down card on each side. Bettors at the table have the right to choose down money for the doors: Dragon, Tiger, Tie, Big Sic, Even Odd, Red Black…

The capacitor with the larger total score will receive the win. Corresponding to the players who predict correctly, the system automatically adds the correct percentage to the account.

Dragon & Tiger – The most popular online betting product at the house 789BET

Summary of ways to look at Dragon Tiger bridge to get the most accurate results

In addition to the usual rules, 90% of players have their own pockets of effective Dragon & Tiger strategies. The most impressive is still the following top 5 screening methods:

#first. Check the bridge – Apply to the game Dragon Tiger

Silver players simply understand, a string of flats is a series of consecutive matches with only one door, such as Dragon or Tiger. When detecting signs of bad luck, bettors only need to pay down to ensure the probability of eating is up to 90%.

Specifically, 3 – 4 consecutive games at the house 789BET only blew 1 win => At this point, the gambler’s task only needs to calculate how much to bet and follow the correct line to be sure of winning.

Note: For the way to look at the Dragon Tiger – Bet bridge, absolutely do not be in a hurry. If you have only won 1-2 games, you still need to be patient and focus on observing until there are clear signs.

#2. Looking for bridge 1 – 1 – The secret of green ripening from masters

1 – 1 is a simple form of chain that even novice bettors can easily do. The rule of repetition: If the first game opens the Dragon door, the next game always goes to the Tiger.

According to the players, the most reliable sign: The above results keep alternating at least 4-6 games, even in many cases the 1 – 1 bridge chain lasts up to 10 consecutive plays.

However, besides the 1 – 1 method, other forms can still appear: 1 – 2 (Dragon, Tiger, Tiger), 1 – 3 (Tiger, Dragon, Dragon, Dragon). Therefore, bettors should monitor closely to distinguish which games are playing.

How to look at the Dragon Tiger bridge from the sign of the easy-to-recognize 1 – 1 flat bridge

#3. How to look at Dragon Tiger Bridge 2 – 2

Between 1 – 1 and string 2 – 2 there are similar rules and signs to recognize each other. But the 2 – 2 result sequence is very rare in Dragon & Tiger games. Mainly about 5 to 6 plays max.

Just not paying attention, members of 789BET easily misinterpreted the chain. You have to catch the right moment when the 2 – 2 chain appears, quickly place your bets, the chances of winning will be high.


#4. Looking for Red – Black Bridge

The way to look at the red and black Dragon Tiger bridge is difficult, rare because the ratio is 50 – 50. Therefore, only experienced players can grasp and apply it to the game.

Observe in a long cycle, see the results of Dragon Tiger or open the door the most, then feed that side. However, an important piece of advice is to combine more ways to quickly drop money to bring winning results.

Red and black is a way to predict potentially risky bets, usually only applied by players

#5. Break the bridge – How to look at the Dragon Tiger bridge

Breaking the bridge is a risky way to play Dragon & Tiger, but in return, it is extremely effective. The detailed recognition and prediction operations are as follows:

  • Step 1: Observe the results and recognize the low wire ratio or the wire is too long.
  • Step 2: Immediately break the bridge if you see the above signs, this strategy doubles the winning rate.

Note: For bridge breaking, players need to prepare capital for long-term farming. Ideally, plan ahead to allocate the safest funds.

Some points to note if you want to look at Dragon & Tiger effectively

In order to successfully apply the Dragon Tiger method, in addition to basic knowledge, each 789BET member should note the following points:

  • Focus on observing, find out the key to the success of the game from the signs that recognize the rule of search.
  • To have the skills to choose the correct bet, always learn and improve the experience drawn from good Dragon & Tiger players.
  • Must be patient, absolutely not in a hurry in the process of statistics and identification of demand. Do not be too stubborn, but be flexible to change tactics according to each situation to suit the best.

Summary of some important notes for gamblers to have the most accurate prediction results

789BET just shared to all top 5 members How to look for Dragon Tiger Bridge achieve the highest efficiency. Just know the telltale signs, avoid confusion between methods, that’s for sure silver The player will hold the victory in his hand.

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