Top Laptop Brands: 2023 Edition

The PC and laptop market is really big. It’s hard to navigate it, especially if you don’t follow the tech news every day. Even if you follow – it’s still complicated. However, if you’re looking to buy a new or used device in the near future, it’s definitely worth following blogs that inform you about the most important shifts in this industry. Some tips are better listened to for your own and your budget’s benefit.

There are many companies on the market fighting for the favor of customers and users. They try to innovate, introduce new features and improve the quality of theory products all the time. And some just apply the tried and tested formula, gaining the trust of their established clientele. After all, popular products are not necessarily the most incredibly advanced.

What makes a laptop good?

Of course, experts and interested parties run many tests and examine, for example, which is the best laptop brand. There are many brands that deserve to be nominated for such a list. So, can a specific list be created to include only the best? Well, let us begin with establishing what are the qualities their products must have to turn the producers into really sought-after brands.

In 2023 the best laptops should be productive and powerful. Yet there are many other factors to consider when choosing the ideal laptop. Speed, reliability, weight and operating system among others. Still, the key parameters that qualify laptops as good include:

  • RAM 8 GB or more. A big advantage would be the availability of a free slot for memory upgrade in the future.
  • Multitasking processor. Bare minimum would be 4 cores / 8 threads.
  • Battery life of 8-10 hours.
  • Effective cooling system.
  • A high-quality monitor matrix.

Top brands to consider

With this in mind, it’s not easy to decide which brand can offer the best options. Many new models are very good for gaming, casual use, work or even all potential purposes.With all factors considered, the list of best brands as of 2023 looks like this:


The most popular devices represent the mid-range price segment. Buyers choosing Dell know they are getting the best of the possible for their money. The vast majority of devices from this company have a metal or aluminum body, which has a positive impact both on the aesthetic qualities of devices and their durability.

Waterproof keyboards and excellent sound – another couple of important advantages of these devices. The company has decided to experiment in this area in recent years, but not everyone likes extreme minimalism in design.


Truly popular laptops – maximum quality for a minimum cost. The lineup is so wide that you can find the Lenovo logo among the most affordable laptops, as well as on the shelves, where only flagships are placed. The main drawback – rather conservative design, which is unlikely to surprise the buyer. Many devices arrive on the market still in the raw state and become usable only after several updates.


Iconic Apple name is enough to make the final choice for many customers. If you want to buy a device and not have to think about how to keep its software up to date, you have one choice – MacBook.

The aesthetics and ergonomics are great, as well as the quality of materials and assembly. Even when the time comes to change technology, you’ll be glad you chose Apple – liquidity of used laptops by this brand is much higher than that of other firms.


HP is known for such virtues as reliability, durability, ease of operation, and excellent build. When many companies prefer to use mediocre parts in the budget models, explaining the decision by economic expediency, this brand does not recognize any compromises. The highest quality is inherent to all models of HP laptops, regardless of the price segment.

Cooling has often been called the Achilles heel of HP’s lineup. Sometimes the company’s engineers are trying to ensure that the power of their laptops is serious yet the device itself is still slim. This may leave no place for good ventilation.

Nevertheless, in recent years this problem is coming to naught, so you can be sure – the purchase of an HP device will not disappoint you. The remaining issue though is the band’s weaker position when it comes to gaming laptops.

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Acer laptops have long established themselves as inexpensive, but very good-quality devices, capable of solving the most complex tasks. By the way, in recent years the brand began to produce more expensive solutions that can compete in efficiency with the most famous brands.

Technical support from Acer is one of the best, the user is never left one-on-one with their problems. You can simply write about your problem and in a few minutes you will be helped by professionals.

Design, of course, gives away the budget-savinganture of Acer devices. Then again, the flagship models are not inferior to those of Apple, at times even winning in matters of aesthetics. The company’s lineup will be able to satisfy most requests, and this brand’s name became a synonym for a successful laptop manufacturer.


Another one of the top manufacturer brands is Asus – a semi-legendary brand that has gained enormous fame literally from the first steps in the industry. Such excitement is caused by the brand’s approach, which consists of lightning-fast development and implementation of all innovations and novelties appearing on the market.

The materials used in construction and assembly are always worthy only flattering reviews, it is almost impossible to find a creaking gadget with gaps on the body under this brand’s name. However, the technical support of the brand has frank problems, it is very difficult to get a prompt response, the elimination of problems often rests on the shoulders of the user. But if some problems emerge, you can turn to pros for their assistance. Fortunately for New Yorkers, for example, the city has Repairs Bay. With their expert team it’s very easy to receive professional laptop repair in NYC – for a malfunctioning/damaged Asus laptop, MacBook or a device made by some other brand.


Generally speaking, if status is important, the ideal brand choice will be Apple. For home use or for simple office tasks Lenovo laptops will be an excellent choice. For an uncompromising gaming experience, your laptop should be one of Acer products. If you want a reliable working machine that can serve for a long time, laptops made by DELL and HP are the best. Each of the companies listed above is able to pleasantly surprise its customers with a good understanding of buyers’ needs.

As a matter of fact, choosing the perfect notebook is an almost impossible task. The only exception may be if you have unlimited financial resources, allowing you to never compromise on any detail. Yet even in this case, something will have to be put first, be it the design of the device, its performance, durability, etc. So when choosing a laptop it is worth considering its future primary use.

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