Top Tips for Traveling on Your Own

Traveling alone, of course, can have some not-so-pleasant surprises in store for you. For example, if you get sick easily or have allergies, it’s not always a good idea to be totally alone at times when the symptoms start manifesting themselves. You may get scammed traveling in a cab or have your wallet snatched while shopping.

Such unpleasant moments can happen to anyone, but are generally rather rare, especially if you follow common sense and stick to simple rules and principles suitable for all travelers. But solo travelers are in a somewhat different position – they should keep in mind quite a lot of things that can make their trip as pleasant and safe as possible.

Thoroughly study the information about the places your trip takes you through

If you are poorly oriented on the terrain or do not want to bother yourself with memorizing the necessary routes, then prepare a tablet or cell phone with the necessary programs for the trip. You can buy a SIM-card of a local mobile operator, choose a package with Internet access or, in order to save money, use free Wi-Fi in cafes, hotels or fast food restaurants.

Then you can feel great in any city, having at your fingertips all the data not only about sights, but also about restaurants, cafes, public transportation, exhibitions, hotels and everything else, using Foursquare or Tripadvisor. This is the way to not get lost in an unfamiliar place.

The best time to set off is mid-week

When planning a trip, keep in mind that during the week the bulk of people fly and travel for work. But on weekends, the number increases as couples and families with restless and loud children go on vacation. At this time it is more difficult to pass all the opcritic checkpoints at airports and train stations, it is also harder to find a free place and a table in a cafe.

Arriving at a new place, familiarize yourself with it by taking a long walk

Unfamiliar cities are best explored alone, and your favorite music and headphones can keep you company. Use Google Maps to help you get to know a new city, and listen to local music for flavor, so you can understand the people and architecture around you.

The hotel or place you decide to stay in should be comfortable and safe

Very often you can hear that hostels are great for single travelers, as they are another opportunity to socialize and not be alone. But, if you think about it, hostels are not the safest place to stay, as they welcome a very unpredictable crowd, and are mostly located on the outskirts or at least not in the best city neighborhoods.

Alternate crowded places and group tours with relaxing on your own

It is best to read alone, visit museums and exhibitions, walk around the city and relax in a spa. It’s great to have breakfast in silence. It’s also good for your sleep. But then you run to the stores and have lunch in a noisy place or visit a gala dinner, disco, theater – these events naamagazines are more suitable for the company; so always plan them in advance, decide where and when you will go.

During your trip, you should sensibly alternate periods of solitude with periods of active socializing. If the trip is short, it will be enough to spend a couple of days alone, but in the final days of the trip try to actively communicate with others. This way, you will have a great lazydadreviews opportunity to both relax and visit crowded places during a sightseeing guided tour.

Buy souvenirs and take photos

It is possible that while traveling, you will see something amazingly interesting that you would like to share with your friends and acquaintances. Don’t hesitate to take a photo and email it or share through your accounts on various social networks. Also, consider writing about all the unusual and cute ordinary things you come across, your observations, peculiar photos, etc. Online communication is a great opportunity to keep in touch with different people, both acquaintances and strangers, especially when you are traveling on your own.

Over time, almost all events slowly fade from memory, but a simple photo can keep them alive and remind you of something good and bright. That’s why you should bring souvenirs from each of your trips, no matter how small. They will stay around as associations – pathways to the past events or pleasant situations. Being able to recall them in the future may prove important for you.

If you buy toiletries, clothes or some simple jewelry that you like, then on occasion you can tell the story of how you got them or just remember those pleasant or funny moments associated with this purchase. Always bring something back with you from other cities and any pleasant trips in general.

Travel with as few things as possible

Almost all travelers are divided into two types: those who take with them an unimaginably big suitcase with a lot of unnecessary stuff, and those who do not always take even the most necessary things. You need to have a sense of proportion and find the best solution possible regarding your needs and plans.

You should take with you the essentials, a small first aid kit, seasonal outerwear and enough underwear, obviously, so that your vacation does not resemble a laundry session. Preferably, it should be a backpack or a bag of suitable shape and size so that you won’t need a porter. Remember, traveling should be enjoyable in every way.


You should always try to get the most out of traveling. If you don’t have anyone to travel with and you want an adventure, you shouldn’t just sit at home and be bored. It is better not hesitate to plunge into the world of travel, because there are too many interesting things around to just sit and wait for a suitable traveling companion.

And lastly: you will definitely need your devices on the road – phone, laptop, etc. If you have any suspicions or outright malfunctions, contact experts like Then you’ll always have a reliable digital friend at hand wherever your destination point may be.

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