Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Bridesmaids Dress

If you thought that nothing is more stressful than choosing your own wedding gown, you are mistaken. Selecting a bridesmaid’s dress that your bridesmaids will love is equally stressful, if not more.

You must have seen some disastrous bridesmaids’ dresses before. However, with this ultimate guide, you can truly enjoy planning your bridesmaids’ attire and pick a stunner.

So, keep these tips in mind before picking the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your girl clan.

9 Tips for Choosing a Bridesmaid’s Dress

The bridesmaid dress does not have to be a cliché as seen in movies – balloon sleeves or big ruffles. This guide will help you stay sane as you dive through thousands of options for the perfect dress.

Choose Your Bridesmaids

You cannot determine a style for the bridesmaid dress without knowing who your bridesmaids are. The first step is to select your bridesmaids, so you know who your special squad is.

Once you have chosen them, selecting a dress will be so much easier.

Pick Your Wedding Dress

The bridesmaid dress depends greatly on your wedding gown’s style. So, make sure that you pick your gown first. It will help ensure that your squad’s attire flatters your bridal look.

Bear in Mind the Season

The bridesmaid dresses must match the season in which you are getting married. If yours is a summer wedding, do not pick a dress made of thick material. Alternately, do not select mini dresses if it is a winter wedding.

Experiment with Cuts and Colors

While symmetry and uniformity are pleasing to the eye, experimenting can be equally fun. Select a dress, and then let your bridesmaids pick the cut and colour of their dress. Every bridesmaid would love to display their personal style.

Add Some Sparkle

Who said that bridesmaid dresses should be understated? You can increase the oomph level of your ceremony by sprinkling some sparkle all over the ceremony.

Add some sequins and studs to your bridesmaids’ dresses without making them too flashy. They can enjoy the added advantage of not having to spend time selecting matching jewellery.

Mix Fabrics

There is no need to restrict bridesmaids’ dresses to a single material. Choose a range of materials and textures like tulle, silk, and even chiffon. A nice mix of these fabrics in similar shades can make it look fun.

Be Practical

Remember, your bridesmaids will have a little too much fun at your wedding. Given all the dancing and socialising involved, choose a dress they will be comfortable in all evening.

Play With Prints

While printed dresses are not suitable for all weddings, they may be the perfect fit for barn weddings. Boho printed bridesmaids’ dresses of a similar colour scheme can look charming if done correctly.

Flatter Their Body Types

Take into consideration the body type of your bridesmaids before selecting the silhouette. If your bridesmaids have a variety of body shapes, it is best for you to select only the dress colour. Allow them to select a shape that best flatters their body.

Overall, the bridal party will look comfortable and coordinated.

Wrapping Up

If you follow this guide, your bridesmaids will stop dreading their bridesmaid dresses for your wedding day. Your bridesmaids will be genuinely grateful for your brilliant choice.

Make it an unforgettable experience for your girl gang and make it a memory they will cherish forever.

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