What is a Server Used For?

There are a number of ways to define a server, and the most important of them is to know what its purpose is. A server does many different things, but it’s most commonly used to run software applications. For example, it may host the company’s email system. It can also be a data storage and backup system. It can even do some of the processing for a website, like storing customer information.

A server is basically a computer without any human worker, and it performs a specific service for the client. In a typical business network environment, there may be more than one server, such as a mail, print, or database server. These servers will store and organize data for their users. The main difference between a server and a PC is the operating system. In a computer network, a server is an application that runs on a desktop, laptop, or other type of device.

Final Touch

A server serves many different purposes. A file server, for example, is a computer that holds data files for multiple users. It allows data to be stored and retrieved faster. Businesses often use file servers. Database servers are computers that store information on a network and can run independent of database architecture. A mail-server is a computer that receives and delivers email. It’s set up to constantly connect to a network and let multiple computers access the same email without requiring any other systems.

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